DEUS SAX MACHINA: Hommage to Arnošt Coufal

Saxophone ansamble DEUS SAX MACHINE presents a Hommage to czechoslovak musician Arnošt Coufal. Compositions – 8 Preludes – for sax quintet by Martin Uherek are inspired by 8 saxophone preludes composed by Coufal. Bonus track – 1 sax quartet – was made by Erik Rothenstein. Line up and album details:

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Schumann Resonance

Schumann resonance is referred to as the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Saxophonist Erik Rothenstein, together with local musicians and Spanish flautist Jorge Pardo, have recorded an eponymous album (Bebe Rebe June 2022) in which they use musical language to transmit the resonance to their listeners. Pardo is known as a pioneer of modern flamenco, referredto

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N.E.B.O.: PS: I love me.

The project N.E.B.O. (Never expire band originality) is the work of vibraphonist, composer Juraj Raši. The compositional intention, bordering between classical and jazz music, is not only to point out the uniqueness of this connection, but also to remind how important the power of silence and peace is in music (and in life). The musical

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A little book for You with CD Erik Rothenstein & Friends: Line for Ďurdina – This work is in memory  of our friend trumpeter Martin Ďurdina. The book contains poems by Martin’s friend Olga Známová and a CD of songs Martin liked that we arranged and recorded in his honour….. Erik Rothenstein & friends: Line

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Black Swan

The band’s debut album Black Swan will be released in November 2020. It contains commissioned compositions by contemporary Slovak composers. The younger authors include Lucia Papanetzová Michal Stahl and Vlado Šarišský, who have written for the ensemble in the past. The renowned, internationally respected composer Egon Krák wrote his first work for the group. The

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