N.E.B.O.: PS: I love me.

The project N.E.B.O. (Never expire band originality) is the work of vibraphonist, composer Juraj Raši.

The compositional intention, bordering between classical and jazz music, is not only to point out the uniqueness of this connection, but also to remind how important the power of silence and peace is in music (and in life).

The musical nature of the works attempts to interpret concepts such as Silence, Mother, Music and to give an opportunity to reflect on them …..

N.E.B.O.’s musical work is instrumentally contributed by :

  • Michal Šelep / bass guitar
  • Daniel Špiner / piano
  • Dominika Debnárová / vocals
  • Zsolt Szitási / electric guitar
  • Juraj David Raši / percussion, vibraphone, composition & arrangement