ANSAMBEL SO36: Black Swan

The band’s debut album Black Swan will be released in November 2020. It contains commissioned compositions by contemporary Slovak composers. The younger authors include Lucia Papanetzová Michal Stahl and Vlado Šarišský, who have written for the ensemble in the past. The renowned, internationally respected composer Egon Krák wrote his first work for the group. The album thus brings the composers’ diverse compositional handwriting and generational perspective.

The assignment for the composers was inspired by the book Black Swan. In it, author Nassim Thaleba describes an unpredictable event and its far-reaching consequences. Is the current pandemic such an event or was it foreseeable? Nassim Thaleb points out that the covida crisis is not a Black Swan, it was predictable, governments with millions in subsidies are putting out a fire that could have been averted at much lower cost. The album encourages, through the means of contemporary classical music, reflection on this situation.

Line up:

  • Erik Rothenstein baritone saxophone
  • Ľubomír Brtáň guitar
  • Vladimír Šarišský piano
  • Lucia Harvanová 1st violin
  • Michaela Petríková 2nd violin
  • Roman Rusňák viola
  • Boris Bohó cello
  • Compositions: Michal Stahl XIX 1.part Before, XIX 2.part During, Egon Krák Unforgetable, Vladislav Šarišský Black Swan, Lucia Papanetzová LY